Since time immemorial, you have often questionedyour writing skills and how you couldmake your writing better, money-oriented and error-free? Most of the times, you have overindulged in the comfort of using less sophisticated tools to pen down your distractions, artistic fervors, technical know-how, fiery debates and much more.Though, in this process you often oversee the power of applications, built specifically for the purpose of saving ‘your’ time and effort, and improving the quality of ‘your’ work.

Many writers, like yourself are often left at crossroads when deciding, whether or not you should trust a tool or an app, to publish your work, to judge your content’s grammar or spelling accuracy, to organize your time or to do your research for you. One can truly undermine thecreative prowessof such Apps for writers, because all of the above are actually possible, and adopted by a multitude of writers to get their creative juices flowing. These cater to the needs of novelists, bloggers, technical writers, screenwriters, poets etc.

So, when you’ve got heaps to do and its crunch time, you can always rely on various Apps for writers that come through as champions at the eleventh hour. These help you make good time, and save you from the hassle of correcting unnecessary editing, proofing and formatting glitches.

To weave you into the world of these amazing Apps for writers we have put together five stupendously creative applications that will support your writing skills, and make you write like a professional in no time.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a very popular online grammar checking, spell checking and plagiarism detection platform, that provides proofreading resources against more than 250 grammar rules. Out ofApps for writers, this particular app creates a fix for various writing issues that consumes time for most writers. It assists in checking grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, inconsistent writing styles, unclear sentence structure, overused words, ineffective vocabulary, wordiness, impoliteness, inappropriate tone and hedging language.

As amusing as it reads, the Artificial Intelligence Grammarly uses is the next best thing that could happen to a writer. Also, it has flexibility to integrate with your browser and has an add-in to MS Word and Google docs, ensuring all your emails, social media posts, blog posts, articles and reports are error free. It also provides recommendations to avoid passive voice, use alternative words, or shorter sentences for better readability and high-quality content. Apps for writers often don’t go into such detail, but this one is definitely a keeper.

  • Airstory

If you’re an individual who has to deal with a lot of research and development and create various reports, analytical research papers, curated content, newsletters, etc. Airstory is the application for you! This perfect App caters as a useful tool for non-fiction writers who like to capture research and cite it, without having to deal with the hassle of copy pasting quotes, statistics, images etc. 

When you’re working, and come across an interesting piece of research, you can clip it into your Airstory library and tag it. The note,when dragged on to your writing space, automatically merges with the source URL, so you can cite your references formally, with ease. Also, if you’d like to add more information to your writing, you can always add one or more notes to enhance your work and keep it up to date. Even thoughthe workability of this App is similar to a few Apps for writerslike Evernote, it is a lot faster and streamlined.

Moreover, Airstory has a free web-clipper for chrome or Firefox, so just incase you’re still considering citing your own research, remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

  • Freedom

If you’re working against the clock and can’t manage to fight the temptation of social medial, video games, online shopping etc. then Freedom is the perfect app made to get you focused, committed and productive in a way you couldn’t possibly imagine. It cuts out all the drama that costs your productivity unnecessary distractions and limitations, and quickly makes you regain your focus.

Freedom gives you control of getting your inner-day-dreaming-enthusiast out of the way, and create compelling, clean and thought provoking articles, posts and narratives. Users have reported an average daily gain of 2.5 hours of productive time, unlike other Apps for writers.

This App is by far the most disciplined, as it blocks outwhat you want, whenever you want. You can start the block session on-the-fly, or even schedule a block in advance when you know you want to start writing. You can plan out sessions that recur daily or weekly for creating healthier habits and being more productive. Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, Android or an iOS user, you can sync your blocks against all devices, knowing for sure that distractions are far and wide form your reach.

  • Readable

Apps for writersthat have enhanced readability and increased workability, like Readable are few to none. Often when you struggle to make sure if your written word is legible and resonates with others, Readable acts like a text analyzer that gives you the assurance that all is indeed well. So need to have your nose in the book and worry about letter, word or syllable counts, as its powerful readability algorithms do it all for you.

Readable also checks the use of adjectives, nouns and adverbs, and gives you text analytics and statistics where needed. As it is SEO optimized, keyword density is kept a tab on, and sentence length suggested to be shorter if crossing the threshold of an unbearably jarring sentence. Unlike other Apps for writers, this App rates your text’s overall readability, and scores its reading level, on a number of scales, such as the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and the Gunning Fog index.

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is a one of the most widely used applications that help create meaningful and persuasive documents wherever you are. It allows you to access documents, edit text and collaborate with others to work on the same document all at once. This gives your team and you, the benefit of making edits, additions and modifications on your documents in real-time, with ease. Also, all changes are saved automatically as you type, which creates an environment of dependability and reliability. Moreover, old versions of the documents can be accessed via revision history to see when they were modified and by whom.

Several Apps for writers have been scrutinized for workability, but Google Docs is by far one of the best. The application has comprehensive smart editing and styling tools, that allows you to easily format text and images. You have the liberty of choosing various fonts, images, design layouts, smart graphics etc. and get a kickstart on writing reports, letters, or emails etc. by using various templates.

To conclude, all five applications provide freelance writers with the finest tools to create magic, and work in stress-free environments to boost productivity. These Apps for writers reduce the extra effort required to focus on nitty-gritties, and beat the clock consistently.