All of you who use WordPress to create fabulously alluring websites and blogs, often have to go through the hassle of finding the right WordPress Plugins to get the job done. These Plugins are the ultimate source of increasing conversions, providing security, enhancing the look and feel of your website, and checking your grammar for common mistakes.

We have for your eight astoundingly useful and practical WordPress Plugins that will accentuate your blogs and website’s features like no other.  Here are our top pieces of eight:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is one of the most original and popular Plugins out of all WordPress Plugins. It provides a toolset that optimizes your blog or website and makes it search-engine friendly. This in turn helps you get the top spot during search results.

The basic Yoast SEO Plugin is free but the premium version comes with even more benefits. It provides great flexibility over your site’s content on a per-post basis and attracts more visitors from social media sites. Also, as it is very easy for beginners, it provides easy ways to set up sitemaps, titles, Meta descriptions, and social sharing information. 

  • Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder that is built for businesses and conversion-focused websites. It is highly convenient for businesses and entrepreneurs who are busy and need a fast and easy tool to articulate their ideas onto websites, with minimal technical know-how.

It has great features such as click-to-edit, 100% conversion-focused landing page templates, and pre-built conversion elements that don’t require a dozen WordPress Plugins to do the job. It tackles most of your questions, such as, is it making a good impression? Is it landing enough visitors? Is it engaging visitors and boosting conversations?

Thrive Architect comes with whatever you need to make you look like a sales pro with minimal effort. It also grows your mailing list, by providing landing pages to get leads and generate business growth. This is a must-have for all busy business owners out there.

  • Thirsty Affiliates

Unlike most WordPress Plugins, Thirsty Affiliates allows website and blog owners to easily add, manage, and insert affiliate links into their posts and landing pages. This allows bloggers, affiliate marketers, or website owners to use their affiliate links easily and earn high commissions. It’s a simple Plugin that allows you to group your links into hierarchical categories, redirect your links to protect affiliate links from being replaced by malware, add images, and generate in-built reports. It is an excellent source for Affiliate Programs to earn more money.

  • WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a speed optimization and Caching Plugin which adds a variety of speed-boosting features to your website or blog. This allows your WordPress Plugin site to load faster so that users don’t have to wait for it to load. As there are various WordPress Plugins that can help your blog or website load faster, WP Rocket is the simplest to configure, which enhances loading time with the number of requests received. Also, the latest version of WP Rocket has added features that optimize your database, making your website’s performance even better.

  • Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a powerful lead generation Plugin that increases conversions superfast. It is the best list-building solution out of all WordPress Plugins and focuses highly on conversion optimization. This Plugin inhibits the most used conversion tactics by businesses and growth hackers and introduces them to your website in the easiest way possible. The Plugin has the works of all opt-in forms, with a simple drag and drop editor. It manages to target offers to visitors based on posts and has categories that boost conversions consistently. Also, it has an added intuitive A/B testing feature which is very easy to use, and analytics that provides business insights on traffic. 

  • Sucuri

Sucuri is a security Plugin that is free for all WordPress users. It creates multiple layers to safeguard your website from security threats. Among various WordPress Plugins, this is built as a security suite to complement your website or blog, and protect it from malware. It also monitors any changes that occur in the application, checks blacklist engines, keeps you updated with security alerts, and keeps your website clean and protected. The PlugIn can also automate and guide you to follow certain processes to avoid hackers. This is a must-have if you are looking to recover a hacked website or keep your security at best.

  • Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder from Thrive Themes is a standalone Plugin that allows you to create attention-grabbing layouts and landing pages. It combines the functionality of a drag and drop page builder with landing pages, and lead generations for high conversions. Whether it is a blog post or a website, with various opt-in forms, Call to Actions buttons, etc.WordPress Plugins, allow you to create your website in a real-time environment–allowing you to see your website as you build it. This allows you to feel in control of what you’re generating and keep your illustrations and written content, in tune with the overall feel of your blog or website.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular cloud-based spelling and grammar tool, which can be used as an extension in Chrome and Firefox. Through this Plugin, you can proofread and correct any text which is inside a WordPress editor in real-time. Grammarly is a tool that can be used for various checks, such as reading through grammatical errors, checking text for plagiarism, or suggesting words for vocabulary use. Even though WordPress has several Grammar Checker Tools, Grammarly is by far the most popular amongst WordPress Plugins.

Here was a snapshot of eight useful plugins to use on your WordPress website. These Plugins will not only create powerful and appealing layouts and landing pages, but they will also add security, optimize your website, generate leads, and create affiliate links

However, before you install these WordPress Plugins make sure that they answer your questions as to, why you need them? How will they enhance your website? Will they increase traffic? And are they easy for clients to use? These WordPress Plugins are effective in their own individual way and can contribute heavily towards user growth. So give it a mighty thought before going forward with which ones to install.