Affiliate marketing is truly the art of equipping a business with the right tools, traffic and momentum–to bring forth the potential a product has and the value it offers. It is a win for both the manufacturer and affiliate in the world of digital sales. So if you’re looking to  by learning a trick or two to increase your commission, this is the place to be!


Passive income has become the embodiment of keeping up with the joneses, and an easy way to earn money. However, to maintain it, increase it and deal with the various challenges it throws your way, one must be thoroughly prepared.


How one can  is increasingly becoming the mastery of various affiliate programs, and can be practiced by many who want to increase commissions and conversions. However, due to increased competition, lack of skills, high standards for affiliates, and a vast array of products to choose from, this can be a cumbersome task to achieve for many affiliates.


If you want get your commissions rolling, and dodge these glitches, we have just the tips to keep you in the game and get your sales on a high. Let’s nip it in the bud with these nine awesome ways to get you started:


1.     Provide Valuable Reviews in Blogs


Quality reviews create one-upmanship, which in turn. If you’re going to get the ball rolling with your clients, it can only be done if you have your homework done. If your clients can’t trust you, they won’t buy your product. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that as a marketer you study the product carefully, and write meaningful and detailed product reviews that provide additional value to the client.


To  you must promote and link your audience with products that truly make a difference to their experience, instead of a boring old sales slogan.Also, it is crucial that you find your niche, e.g. health and nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurs, etc. and analyze their top blogs and read their highest reviews. This will in turn help you create content that is persuasive, clear and engaging.


2.     Create Product Comparison Blog Posts


Remember, your priority is your audience, not the product! Honesty, integrity and clarity will win you a lot more sales than bogus reviews and boring articles. Minor blog posts where products are compared in what way they offer, their value for money, and current standing etc. create reviews that build interest.


Also, showcasing how a product works, its pros and cons and who it’s for, adds to the growing dynamics of a great review. This allows people to feel in control of what they are buying, and what other products exist in the market. It is psychology 101.


If you want to  then you need to write winning product comparison blogs that people love to read. You must ensure that yourblog contains the right buzz words with the right title, which attracts the reader from the get go. It is paramount to strategize who the blog is catered towards, and what the current trends and keywords are that can help promote viewership and increase conversions.


Comparison blogs that include ‘vs’ often have more viewership, such as product A vs. product B. Also, to get an idea of the search volume and other data,‘KeywordsEverywhere’and ‘Aherfs’ are remarkable free SEO keyword research tools–that give affiliates the right dataon which keywords to use to Comparison blogs are often the winning formula to stay abreast in a competitive environment, as readers need direction in knowing which product is better and why.


3.     Create a Page that uses Blogging Tools


It is absolutely essential that you know which tools to use when increasing viewership, and increasing website traffic to boost your rank on Google. There are innumerable tools that cansupport you in capturinginsights, which can in turn assist you in targeting the right audience.


Various toolsenhance the workability of your website, such as Yoast SEO for SEO basics; Sumo to capture emails; Canva to improve the quality of your blog design; TypeForm to ask your readers what they would like to read; and Grammarly to help you keep your spellings and grammar on point. These tools that help you  and increase traffic to your blog.


4.     Create Tutorial Articles that Include Videos


Creating content in multiple ways teaches readers or viewers how to use the product. If you really want to  at the speed of lightening, articles and videos create a space of engagement and infotainment. Information such as how to manuals, discounts, sales, etc. can create interest towards the affiliate product andgenerate a lot of sales.


Makingtutorials, articles and engaging videos that are informative, fun and spectacularly short can boost traffic too. Do however keep in mind that you cannot bore your audience about the product by keeping the content dry. Highlight a few points about the product that you feel will be its unique selling point, and market it in a way that will make the reader get value addition for their time. Be clear, concise and authentic!


5.     Build a Mailing List


Build a mailing list if you want to because that list of customers you target, will simply increase your profits!As Karl Murray puts it best, “Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” Ensure that you send regular emails to your readers thatwill have value, quality and useful information to engage them authentically. Grow your list and keep developing new ways of interacting with your readers.


Tools such as Sumo, help readers in signing up and capturing emails, through multiple ways including welcome mats, exit-intent popups, content upgrades, etc. which are excellent ways to These emails can help you generate more traffic, if you are sharing reviews or articles every week or two weeks. Anything longer, will drop traffic!


6.     Use a Question/Answer Website


If you want a boost in affiliate commissions, you must engage in websites that are used for answering questions on various products or services. Make sure your answers are short, rich and informational, to the point that they grab the attention of the reader completely. This will lead them to land on your page, and then on to the merchants for a sale, which will  for you.


Also, websites like Quora, Amazon’s Askville, Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn Answers, and are all brilliant commission sources for your product, which can out-earn all affiliate links. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that when answering, be careful to always direct readers to your landing page and not the affiliate offer, to avoid getting banned.


7.     Share on Social Media


Customers can always be looped in from existing connections, especially via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Facebook is a powerful tool that has over a billion users. It collects analytics on its users in such an extraordinary way, that you can design, strategize, and write your post, tweet, a way that was meant for your audience. Well-crafted updates, posts, and ads can and equip you with the necessary skills to generate user traffic. Facebook ads and Google Adwords are prime examples of how one can grow their networks via ads, and target audiences that are only looking for certain products.


It is essential that you know your niche, and do not write posts that feel overly promotional or are sales-focused. Try writing various versions to see what works. Pay attention to the links you post and see which ones produce the most interactions.


On Twitter it is essential that you see who the product’s followers are in terms of demographics, the product support and its competitors. Build a community by using SEO, and set up a Tweet engagement campaign which will promote your tweets to other people’s timelines. This way you can target audiences, who mention the product in their tweets or speak of similar products. Even the smallest of target audiences can help  and generate traffic, so make sure you reach out to them.


8.     Use Call to Action


Getting readers to land on your blog is perhaps only half the battle, the rest is having them do what you want once they get there. Always include a call to action (CTA) with your links or paid placements, as it is naïve to assume people will see the link and click on it.


Give your readers an offer, deal, or benefit of some sort that will make them click, such as “70% off on fitness app today”. Make sure the content is easy to use, rich and informative, which leads the CTA to  and converts readers to customers. Conversion Funnel should be the aim of your game.


9.     Give Bonuses!


Readers love being incentivized and informed of how they can get discounts on their favorite products, especially during holiday seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, etc. These days are prime targets for affiliate programs to earn big money, through big discounts and Juicy bonuses. These bonuses and discounts automatically get enormous amounts of traffic to their websites, which maximizeprofits for both affiliates and manufacturers and Therefore, it is vital that you are aware of your manufacturer’s plans and keep a tab on all their promotional emails, and discount offers. This can be easily done by subscribing to the affiliate program’s list, and keeping up with all the offers.


So this wraps up how you can  for your products and services in the most effective and efficient way possible. These nine tips will keep you afloat for many months to come and be a guide to increasing conversions. To reiterate one last time, be up to date with your affiliate’s products, research your target audience and other top rated product blogs, keep changing your tactic to see which strategy works, and keep growing your email lists to increase traffic. If you keep at it, you’ll be earning big bucks in no time!