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Unlimited Revisions

Technical writers at Writing Nerds are professional experts who know how to put their persuasive words to use when writing a technical document. This leaves no room for error to occur. But in case our clients are not happy with the work delivered to them, we allow them the flexibility to request as many revisions as they want.

100% Copyscape Approved

The last thing anyone would want is to get accused of content plagiarism. That being said, our content is 100% Copyscape approved and thoroughly proofread by industry experts. Our clients trust us to compose unique matchless pieces for them, and we deliver every time!

Searched Engine Optimized

Our team of writers is trained to incorporate the right keywords into the content they write so that your work can be displayed across the internet on all accessible web pages within the reach of the audience you plan on targeting.

Industry Leading Technical Writers

The technical writers at Writing Nerds are skillful and dedicated to delivering top-notch technical writing services with quality content to our clients. These writers are experts in their respective niches with a vast background and experience in crafting an informational technical writing paper.

Business & Technical Writing Services.

We have all struggled with writing technical papers like terms of service, business plans, proposals and reports, user manuals and guides, and so on.

Writing technical content takes not only a lot of time but also requires a lot of work.

Technical writers for hire at Writing Nerds cite references and protect you from content copyright accusations.

We are well aware of the technical difficulties that can arise when creating a business report or user handbook. Therefore, we provide you with professional technical writing services.

Writing Nerds as one of the best technical writing companies is particularly talented at finding the ideal technical writer for your project – with the proper industry background and skill level – because we specialize in technical writing services.

We can satisfy your technical and business writing demands with a cost-effective approach, whether you require a team of experts to develop an entire line of technical writing documents or a single technical writer for a quick project.

Technical written records are kept by technology-driven firms to communicate analytical, technical, and specialized data to the audience.

This is why here at writing nerds we conduct in-depth research and offer the best technical writing for companies, be it user manuals or other business-related reports.

Place your order by going to our services page, choose one of the packages listed there and begin the process of placing your technical writing order with us.

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Technical Writing Packages



500 Words

Best for: Professional Content

Writer Experience: Expert

1-2 Business-day turnaround

Full Editing & Fact Checking

100% Attention Grabbing

Copyscape Passed

Proofread by Editor

Advanced Research

Unlimited Revisions



1000 Words

Best for: Professional Content

Writer Experience: Expert

2-3 Business-day turnaround

Full Editing & Fact Checking

100% Attention Grabbing

Copyscape Passed

Proofread by Editor

Advanced Research

Unlimited Revisions




1500 Words

Best for: Professional Content

Writer Experience: Expert

2-3 Business-day turnaround

Full Editing & Fact Checking

100% Attention Grabbing

Copyscape Passed

Proofread by Editor

Advanced Research

Unlimited Revisions


Unlimited Revision


100% Copyscape


Industry Leading Copywriters


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How do I place my order?

To place your order, go to the page of the service you choose to utilize, scroll down to find different packages, choose the package that best fits your needs, fill out the provided form, and submit your order. After completion, you will receive an email with the processing bill confirming that your order was successful.

What kind of service would I get from this page?

We have a broad repertoire of technical writing. If you have a task that is not specified, please email or call us and we will accommodate you on a case-by-case basis.

Are you more expensive than others?

When compared to other copywriting service providers, you will find Writing Nerds to be on the more economical side; we have accrued affordable packages that cause little to no harm to our customers’ pockets. Our ability to create the content is top-notch and the amount charged for each service is justified by the exceptional work our team has been delivering consistently.

Can I request revisions?

At Writing Nerds, we strive for complete customer satisfaction, hence providing our customers with the option of making unlimited redrafts or changes until they are fully satisfied with the work.  We will not charge any additional fees outside the original package and will make the improvements free of charge.

Is the work SEO Optimized?

SEO optimization is critical for making use of the generated content, and it is one of the most important approaches to implement in the process. All of our work is intertwined with essential keywords that promote and improve your page’s likelihood of appearing in more searches, generating further traffic and footfall, and providing you with the optimal conversion rates. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the content we produce works in your favor.

What's your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies considerably depending on the package you opt for, with the difference being the writer’s level of expertise, whether he or she is an expert, advanced researcher, or a beginner; this results in a price and turnaround time variation as well; beginner writers can present you the document in 1 to 2 days with minimal research. The advanced writer requires up to 2 to 3 days and provides you the work with thorough research, and the expert writer requires up to 4, with the content backed by advanced research.

Can you write about my industry?

When it comes to consuming knowledge, our writers behave like sponges. We recognize that each industry works differently, as do its customers and that you can only thrive with content writing that resonates with people in the industry. To provide you with a more comprehensive approach, we extensively study the given industry and cover all aspects while writing our papers.

Where can I use the content?

Once the transaction is complete, the content we create for you becomes your property, and you can use it anywhere and everywhere you want; don’t worry about us demanding rights to it.


All Deliveries Are 100% Copyscape Approved And Proofread Thoroughly For Quality